In 2006, two migrating birds originating from Sweden decided to set nest in Barcelona and start a journey of a lifetime. Combining professional expertise gained from years of work at L'Oreal Scandinavia and advisory work in Central America and Mexico, the aim was to produce unique, quality products that would add to the consumer's wellbeing, yet also fully utilize these products for the greater cause of giving back to society. These are the foundations on which the mother company Chili Technologies S.L Barcelona were built on, and with which Suecos®, its revolutionary main brand, has since set sail on its journey. At Suecos® we sincerely believe that no measure of success is in itself sufficient enough without giving back to society. That is why from the very moment we started, we decided to always give back to those who need the most. Our first two destinations were Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. After coating thousands of young bare feet in these countries, we are now in the process of collaborating with more countries around the world, with our cause A Clog for A Clog.

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