BV-620V<br/>LCD Vascular Doppler Blood Stream

LCD Vascular Doppler Blood Stream


Ultrasonic frequency : 8.0MHz± 10%
Speed measuring range : 0--100cm/s
Graphic display range :0--60cm/s
Speed measuring error: <20%(comparative error)
Equivalent noise:< 200NV(input port)
rechargeable Batteries
Frequency main unit: 200± 80--5000± 1000Hz
Probe:350± 80--2500± 500Hz
Udio band width:200Hz-7000Hz
Ansmit wave:Sine wave
Output : Loudspeaker single track
earphone jack
Indication way : Display the waveform and the detecting result of the blood stream average
Power indicator: LBD(blue)
Audio frequency output : Vascular Doppler Sound
Output signal: Blood stream speed, blood stream intensity, blood stream sound
Charging indication : Yellow for charging, green for full-charge
Power consuming:<20W>
Dimension: 45cmx22cmx42cm
Gross Weight: 7.5kg

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