ST-72<br/>Dual Head Stethoscope (Duplex)

Dual Head Stethoscope (Duplex)


Aluminum chest-piece
Adjustable chrome-plated brass binaural
Durable one-piece molded PVC <> tubing
Eartips with soft cone shaped bell


Comfortable fit
High quality
Better healthcare
Good acoustic response
Bell with non-chilled ring
Eartips with soft cone-shaped bell
Opposite directions, featured two functions
Used: for listening to various sounds of the heart, lung and organs in human body. Consists of aluminum chest-piece with non-chilled ring and bell which face opposite directions and feature two functions.Turning the convertible axis to function each head, adjustable chrome-plated brass binaural, durable one-piece molded PVC «Y» tubing and eartips with black soft cone-shaped bell.

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