SMT BM M 400
<br/> Electro Cauter Surgery

SMT BM M 400
Electro Cauter Surgery


3 years warranty (of the electronic control unit)
Power : SMT has maximum power for continous opera- tion & digital computerized ES system
Light Weight (5,70kg), small Dimensions (8x29x31 cm) and Portability
Preselection of output power and direct changes by two switches
The Highest Safety Factor: a) Automatic testing of the BM M electric circle, b) SMT´s Footswithes are Pneumatical ones - no electrcal wires(!)
Unlimited Working Time = Long work possible
Hygienic viewpoint
Compatibility with nearly any world´s ES instrument and accessory
Endoscopy/Laparoscopy use is possible with any ENDO or LAP instruments
Warranty is 3 years !
Price of the SMT ESU, incl. a complete MONO access

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