66155<br/>Surgical Suction Unit - Pleuric Thoracic

Surgical Suction Unit - Pleuric Thoracic


Operating conditions: CONTINUOUS OPERATION
Intermittent aspiration 60” ON – 30” OFF
Rated voltage: 230 V, Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Rated power / current: 12 VA
Protection against electric shock: class I
Degree of protection against electric shock : type B
Degree of protection against ingress of liquids : IP33
The shell is made of aluminium painted is trolley
•4 wheels with big dimensions
•1 lateral bag for holding probes
•1 transport handle weight 15 Kg, Width 330mm, Depth. 400mm, H.965mm
OIL-LESS Suction pump of 5,4 m3/h, 90 L/min, 98 kPa
Container for aspirated liquids: q.ty 2 of 3000 ml
Suitable for use with all kinds of containers, disposable container.
Pointer vacuum gauge from 0 to –500 mm H2O
Manual aspiration level regulator
Excessive filling control done with 2 floating overflow valves
Anticontamination with 2 hydrofobic antibacterial/viral filters
Jeanneret Valve: made with a transparent cylinder with a small suction lift graduated tube.
Operation noise level: lower than 45 dB
**) Socket for connection to central vacuum system
Operation warranty: 3 (three) years in conformity with operating and maintenance manual Technical assistance done by qualified Siem-Nova personnel

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