66193<br/>Hystero Suctor - Lippo Max

Hystero Suctor - Lippo Max


Operating conditions: CONTINUOUS OPERATION
Rated voltage: 230 V, Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Rated power / current: 230 VA - 325 VA
Protection against electric shock: class I
Degree of protection against electric shock: type B
Degree of protection against ingress of liquids: IP33
The shell is made of aluminium painted is trolley
4 wheels with big dimensions
•1 lateral bag for holding probes
•1 transport handle weight 22 Kg, Width 330mm, Depth.400mm, H.965mm
OIL-LESS Suction pump of 7,2 m3/h, 120 L/min, 98 kPa (code 66193)
Container for aspirated liquids:q.ty 2 of 3000 ml,or q.ty 2 of 4000 ml
Suitable for use with all kinds of containers, disposable container.
Time to reach 0,6 bar: 3,00” with container of 3000 ml,
3,80” with container of 4000 ml.
Pointer vacuum gauge from 0 to –1 bar
Excessive filling control done with 2 floating overflow valves
Anti-contamination with 2 hydrofobic antibacterial/viral filters
Manual aspiration level regulator of 0,2 bar at max vacuum Pedal pneumatic switch
Operation noise level: lower than 60 dB
Operation warranty: 3 (three) years in conformity with operating and maintenance manual Technical assistance done by qualified Siem-Nova personnel

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